ORANJESTAD – Caribbean Accounting & Tax Consultants N.V. are very proud to announce the introduction of Tax Director, Geert Weber.

Geert initiated his career by pursuing his studies in Fiscal Economics in 2000 where he obtained his bachelor’s degree in 2005.  After achieving his degree, Geert furthered his academic aims and continued to Maastricht University where he obtained his master’s degree in Fiscal Law (M.L. / LL.M.) in 2008. Geert later went on to work for a Dutch accounting firm specialized in small and medium enterprises before embarking on his journey to Aruba in 2010. An internship at PwC Curaçao eventually awarded him the opportunity to work at PwC Aruba in 2010. His tenure at PwC culminated in April 2014, which allowed him to seize the opportunity in becoming a Senior Tax Manager at Deloitte Dutch Caribbean.

Geert is as enthusiastic about the opportunity to work at CATC as he was about moving to Aruba. He has fallen for the charm and paradise-like essence of Aruba – the culture, customs and its people. Geert has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience throughout his career; this is most evident at PwC as well as at Deloitte, where he worked closely with clients in various lines of business in the Dutch Caribbean – from hotels to government institutions, oil refineries, and all classes of small and medium enterprises.

Geert can be described as a Tax Lawyer in the broadest sense of the word. He is always in search of providing clients with custom solutions with a concentrated effort in optimizing the fiscal structures at play; which he does by adopting a proactive mindset.

We would also like to inform you that as of recent, Dieter Graves, is no longer with our company. Dieter’s tasks will be taken over by Geert. We sincerely look forward to the abundance of knowledge and experience that Geert has to offer – with this, taking CATC and its premier accounting, tax, corporate advisory, and payroll services, to another level.

CATC has evolved as an instrumental player in the financial services sector over the years and its current stance is based on the principals and professionalism of its highly experienced staff for over 20 years. The firm aims to continue to provide the first-class services that clients have come to know.

Feel free to contact Geert directly at geert@catcaruba.com should you have any inquiries or would like to schedule an appointment.