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September 2020

Below are some highlights for this month. 
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The Best Price does not equal the Best Product or Service

Two products, two customers. Every product has many options that often drive the sales prices versus the cost to produce it. Where is your product or service?

CATC-HCC can help you determine the goals necessary to produce a high-quality product and create them at an affordable cost. Whether it is a product, a service, or a retail store, CATC-HCC is your business partner for success!


Mandatory Reporting to Central Bank of Aruba

Click here. As of September 2020, holders of foreign assets and liabilities accounts have mandatory weekly and monthly reporting requirements to the Central Bank of Aruba (CBA). 

Let us assist you with reporting the foreign exchange commission for payments abroad to CBA.

Mortgage Interest on Aruba is High, but Why?

A recent article in the Antilliaans Daglblad addressed the high mortgage interest typically found in Aruba.

We have posted more details here. Read on.

2019 Personal Income Tax Declaration Forms are Issued

On September 1st, the Aruba Tax Department will issue the personal tax declaration forms for the 2019 tax calendar year. Are you prepared? CATC-HCC is, join us to get ready. Click here for more.