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* April 2021 *

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Aruba is one of the most tax-friendly jurisdictions in the world

Are you considering Aruba for relocating and/or investment purposes?

Contact our team of experienced tax advisors and they will assist you accordingly in providing tailor-made insights.

Joseph Loaiza Maduro LL.M.
 – joseph.loaiza@catc-hcc.com

Mireille de Miranda LL.M.
 – mireille.demiranda@catc-hcc.com

Reint Roossien MSc
 – reint.roossien@catc-hcc.com

Robin Roossien BSc, CAMS
 – robin.roossien@catc-hcc.com


42-years of Support

We want to congratulate and thank Mientje Lacle for celebrating her recent 42nd work anniversary with CATC-HCC. We couldn’t be successful without team members’ dedication to providing great service and support like this. 

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